Under White

The white woman carries herself in a whole body mask that does not reveal the female bird inside of her. The language of the bird is often not understood and that´s why she dresses up in white, even though she does recognize the other female bird, gradually. And breathes. Let ´s her leaves grow through the white.

The bodily stories in the piece of Anna Jussilainen and Raila Knuuttila have grown from their need to live through dance things that touch on personal and also social and cultural level. Themes include inner vision and women´s stories that are outlined against the everyday blindness. The dichotomy between one and two is being communicated leaving open the question of the actual form: are dividing and connecting happening inside one person, two women, a community, or culture? How does it manifest when the confrontations sometimes stop and the world is functioning as a whole? The performance is based on the techniques of new dance, butoh, and physical theatre.

Performed in Anna Ahmatova Museum, St Petersburg, Russia 2007.

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