Biography & CV


The inspirational theme for my artistic practice and research is currently the feminine principle and enlarged concept of ”I” for human beings – meaning especially the planet earth being our body and consciousness. How can artistic practices bring these forward? How does the enlarged view direct the choices one makes or the stories one tells? How distinct are the actions based on the feminine principle? I work with creative writing, visual art and performance as means for storytelling on various levels. My work is often site-specific, emphasizing the moment of the now and  possible theories used must be tangible in the practices.

My backround with art reaches to my childhood and youth theatre background in North Carelia. 1998 I studied in Universidad Central de Ecuador in the department of Fine Arts. 2000 I entered the School of Applied Sciences, Art and Media in Finland (Environmental Art) of which one year in the department of sculpture in Estonia in Tartu Art College and an internship period in France outsider art scene. Since 2004 I have worked in contemporary art scene as well as with different companies and groups in the fields of butoh dance, somatic techniques and physical theatre. 2014 I completed MA Program in Visual Culture in Aalto University, Finland. Having lived in various cultures and studied the heritage of different spiritual traditions has influenced my work significantly. Collaborations with the community of artists internationally and organizations (e.g. TreeSisters) form enriching and inseparable part of my practice continually.



2014 –         Volunteer and Grove Keeper for TreeSisters, Global Community.

2017           Mandala. Feminine Nature Based Process Work with Allan Jorch Dehn Kristensen, Denmark & Finland.

2015-2017 Producer of  womens workshops on Feminine Principle for Rosa Omayni (UK), Finland.

2016          Concept Development, New Circle Movement, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016           Pyhiä lahjoja muurahaisille – Charity to Ants, exhibition with Heini Mikkonen, Linnan Pyöräverstaan Kahvila, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

2016           Assistant for IDE Dance Company, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015           Workshop in Den Frie Udstilligen w Iselin Veronika Brandt, Copenhagen.

2012-2015 Volunteer coordinator, World Tango Festival, Tampere, Finland.

2015           Book Kävely Brysselistä Istanbuliin published by Ntamo, Helsinki.

2014           Host for Sound & Yoga Retreat for Bhavana & Shabad Deep Kaur,  Längelmävesi Retreat, Finland.

2014           Assistant for Handicap Art Festival, Mørk Dans Company, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014           Walk from Brussels to Istanbul written as a Final Thesis for Visual Culture Master program, Aalto University, Finland.

2013           Producer and performer, Ahoi Performanci. Scandinavian performance group, performances and working periods in Finland, Helsinki, Tampere and Norway, Posrgrunn.

2011           Producer of performances and a workshop for the butoh dancer Mehdi Farajpour (Iran/France), Helsinki, Finland.

2009          Producer of Tanssi Outo Paikka-festival; performances, workshops, Pispala Contemporary Art Centre, Tampere, Finland.

2009          Radiodocumentary Distance Bryssel – Istanbul, 50 min. Finnish National Radio, Soundversum, together with Teemu Takatalo.

2007-2008 Series of columns. The magazine of Joensuu University. Together with Teemu Takatalo.

2007          Field Coordinator. ITE-outsider art, Union of Rural Education and Culture.

2007          Article A Condensed Space in a book Folk Aesthetics. About butoh dance and visual arts.

2006          Dancer, Mørk Dans Company, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2004          The aesthetics of the absence. Final Thesis, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Art And Media.

2004          The artistic part ot the Final Thesis The Uncertainty Principle, Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland.


2014            Master of Arts. Aalto University, Visual Culture.
2013            Integral Yoga Instructor, 200 hrs. Yoga Alliance.
2006            Instructing Creative Dance, Eastern Finlands Sports Institute.
2006            Butoh Intensive course, Nordic School of Butoh.
2004            Bachelor of Arts, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Art and Media.
2000            Sound Recording Studies, Studio Punaportti.
1999            Baccalaureate, Tammerkoski High School.


2015             Artist in Residence, Copenhagen City, Denmark.
2014             Aalto University. Grant for collaboration w Mørk-Dans, Cph, Denmark.
2013             Tampere City. Production grant for Ahoi Performanci.
2010             Pirkanmaa Art Council. Working grant.
2009             Tampere City. Production grant for Tanssi Outo Paikka-festival.
2008             Artist in Residency, Barcelona, Spain.
2007             Pohjois-Karjala Art Council. Working grant.
2007             Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland. Grant for group.
2006             Sleipnir. Grant for further studies in art, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2006             Tampere City. Grant for further studies in art, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005             Kinos Film Festival 1. Prize for video work.
2005             Foundation for Environmental Art. Grant for environmental art.
2004             Nokia City. Grant for group exhibition and cultural event.
2004             Finland – Lithuania Foundation Travel grant for a group.


2015            Walking Exhibition. Curator: Matilde Mörk, Saeby, Århus, Denmark.
2013            Paintings. Group Exhibition Generaattorigalleria, Pori, Finland.
2012            To Draw. Group Exhibition, Generaattorigalleria, Pori, Finland.
2010            Etäisyys Bryssel – Istanbul. W T. Takatalo, Pakkahuone, Jns, Finland.
2009            0db, video works, Practice as Research in Theatre, Tampere, Finland.
2009            Naisen Tila. Group Exhibition, Kemi Art Museum, Kemi, Finland.
2008            Screendance: the state of art II. Video work in sreening, American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina, USA.
2008            100 % Finlande. Video work in screening, Theatre l’Aquarium/Theatre Chaudron & La Cartoucherie, Paris, France.
2008            Dance Trade Fair. Video work in screening, Pavilion of Finland, Dusseldorf, Germany
2008            Linssin Takaa III. Video work in screening Zodiak Uuden Tanssin Keskus, Helsinki, Finland.
2007            Lintu ja Nainen. Sound piece in Marianne Laiti’s exhibition. Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland.
2007            Livejournal – Naisen Tila. Group exhibition. Anna Ahmatova museum, Sant Petersburg, Russia.
2005            Silmänlumetta. Group exhibition, St Petersburg Finnish Institute, Sant Petersburg, Russia.
2005            Ansojen kokija. Solo Exhibition. Pispala Contemporary Art Center, Tampere, Finland.
2005            Taidelehto. Environmental Art. Tampere, Finland.
2005            Naulantaivutus. Environmental Art and performance happening, Tampere, Finland.
2005            Kinos, Video work in screening , Lahti, Finland.
2004            RATAS – Finnish-Lithuanian Art Expedition. Group exhibition. Siuronkosken Voimala, Nokia Finland.
2004            RATAS – Finnish Art Expedition. Group exhibition. Klaipedos Dailes Parodurumai, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
2004            PAM! Group exhibition, Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland.
2003            Mielen maantiedettä. Group exhibition. Aulagalleria, Lahti, Finland.
2003            Salavalssi. Group Exhibition, Tampere-maja, Tartto, Estonia.
2001            Puun Syyt. Group Exhibition, Forest Museum Lusto, Punkaharju, Finland.
1999            Die Fier Sterne. Group Exhibition. Tampere, Finland.


2014            The Green Queen, group process work, Tampere – Mont Blanc – Tarragona.
2013            Ahoi Performanci, performances in Galleria Koppelo, Tampere, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland.
2009            Undercover. Solo, Tukkateatteri, Tampere, Finland
2009            Butoh Dance Pieces, coreography Grigory Glazunov, Athens, Greece.
2009            Yksi/kaksi. Group improvisations, Kerman Himinät, Heinävesi, Finland.
2009            Annikinkadun Butokioski. Interactive installation/ group performance, Tampere, Finland.
2009            Maisemanainen. Solo performance, Kemi Art Museum, Kemi, Finland.
2009            Lost Dolls, Butoh dance piece, coreography Grigory Glazunov, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki, Finland.
2007-08 Walk From Brussels to Istanbul. Process work with Teemu Takatalo. Europe.
2007            Kampamaneettien invaasio ja Vedenalaiset jouset. Group performance, Helsinki, Finland.
2007            Butoh dance solo. Pienmäki house museum, Hankasalmi, Finland.
2007            Under White. Dance piece with Anna Jussilainen Livejournal event, Anna Ahmatova Museum, Sant Petersburg, Russia.
2007            Whirl. Dance piece with Martina Elo, Dora Farkas. Body and Word -festival, Sant Petersburg, Russia.
2007            Kaupunki-score kävelykadulla. Day of the Dance performances. Joensuu, Finland.
2006            Butoh Dance solos, Autiokuu, Hankasalmi., Finland.
2006            Meet the Mind that Moves. Mørk Dans Company, choreography Matilde Mørk. Roskilde Festival -06, Roskilde, Denmark.
2006            Natur, kropp og människa, choreography Anita Saij. Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005            Spoonful of Tea, Sound performance, Vintti Gallery, Tampere, Finland.
2005            Butoh Dance, with Iida Airasmaa, Tahmela, Tampere, Finland.
2004            Varsinainen. Tanssi- ja ääniteos. Coreography Anna Jussilaien, Kiisu Theatre, Outokumpu, Finland.
2003            Kuja. Art event, Tampere, Finland.
2001            Performance against nuclear plants. Central Square, Tampere, Finland.


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