Bio & CV


The inspirational theme for my practice and research is currently the feminine principle, artistic support for environmental work and wisdom traditions addressing the planet earth being our body and consciousness. How can artistic and other practices bring these topics forward? How do these views direct the choices we make or the stories we tell? How distinct are the actions based on the feminine principle in today’s world? As an artist I work with songs, writing and visual art as means for storytelling on various levels. My work is often site-specific, emphasizing the moment of the now. As a cultural producer I concentrate on the question of artistic practices supporting environmental work in a tangible manner.

Having lived many periods of time in different cultures and studied the heritage of various spiritual traditions has influenced my work significantly. Collaborations with the community of artists internationally and inspiring organizations (e.g. TreeSisters: women seeding the change, Stop Ecocide International and Earth Protectors) form an enriching and inseparable part of my practice continually. 

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