Dear Artist,

Your work is medicine for the world in these times and can mediate people to see and understand more than intellectual level of the current issues only.

Based on this, I would like to ask if you would consider participating with your artwork (use hashtag #artistsforecocidelaw in your social media channel) or send to us a photo and a short text to endorse our work. Stop Ecocide International is a campaign to change the international criminal law, to make it protect the ecosystems and environments for the generations to come, both human and non-human. We are launching the artists’ contributions to the international campaign ( in Autumn 2021. If you would like to consider this and need more information, please be in touch. I am conducting a doctoral study for it in coming years too, in Lapland University (departments of Art and Law).

Sincere and best wishes on behalf of Artists for Ecocide Law,

Raila Mar