We danced in the mountain top with Gunilla Sjövall in Syöte and Tinja Ruusuvuori asked to include this video to her collection called Undoings. The video collections are exhibited in 16 Nicholson Street -gallery at the moment, you find the exhibition here.


The work of artists will be in a significant role in global change in the years to come, especially as mediators on the emotional level of messages and themes in this liminal era: climate change and the ongoing loss of biodiversity are such massive themes for every culture that we need more of the collective facilitation that art can provide, as a catalyst and a tool for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world.

My job in the context of the ecocide law campaign is to develop ways and practical examples and ways that the art world can take advantage of. Please, get in touch if you as an artist would like to endorse the campaign with your statement and face or your artistic work.

I coordinate the participation of artists through Stop Ecocide International and Ecocide Law Finland. In this way, I will stay and keep abreast of the arena of global artistic work on the subject, as well as the international debate that is taking place as Ecocide law change and legal work progress.

What is it about?

The present work I’m involved in is to pass on an invitation for artists and influencers to endorse international Ecocide Law campaign and Earth Protectors. The aim is to ultimately create an alliance of ICC member states to support and propose Ecocide law amendment in UN and International Criminal Court. The law amendment is supposed to be on table in ICC during year 2022.

In Mandala NGO we are currently creating a study about ecocide law in depth and especially it’s narrative in the art world and cultural arena. The project will be launched soon. Any inquiries or related matters are welcome!

Practically the heads of the small island states like Maldives and Vanuatu are going to call for ecocide law amendment, as these small nations are the direct victims of rising sea levels caused by climate change and have the biggest motive for urgent change of international criminal law. These small states need the large scale civil support and the support of alliance of other member states of Rome Statute. Our work in Finland and with artists internationally is conducted through Mandala NGO and Ecocide Law Finland. Welcome to these pages to read more and participate.