I am looking for artists and art collectives to participate in Breathing Art Mandala. It is a co-creational art expedition: simple yet multileveled and unique in form. The overall intention is to support tropical reforestation and nature-based feminine leadership through TreeSisters and Samay -organizations. Practically: for every artist that participates with their artworks of dedicate their art works for the Mandala, project will plant minimum 108 trees to the tropical forests.

The overall aim is to plant 100 000 trees withing next 5 years with this project. In this way the Mandala will exist through the artists and art works and also in the tropical forests. It will be providing and protecting living environment for many species on the planet, including human beings… We will make interviews with the artists in an on-going basis and they are featured in this site:

You can also become a member of the support circle of this project here: Mandala Grove

Thank you for your interest!







       This is an initiative in progress: the model is basically artistic work supporting NGOs’ causes in the era of climate change. Samay is a Dutch NGO fighting poverty and creating solutions to alleviate the current and future effetcs of climate change in Bolivia. Edit: now 2018 this is happening through Breathing Art Mandala, see above. More collaboration soon!

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