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The Wisdom of Old -podcast: the first episode of the 8 in total is now available for listening.
Biggest Thanks to Mary Reynolds Thompson, the first guest who brought her wisdom of earth archetypes into The Wisdom of Old. Production and graphic by Raila Mar, sound support Mutual Sound Studios, photo Helena Kunwar /Mary Reynolds Thompson.

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This song has first been born long time ago, and it has been shapeshifting – to finalize itself into this current form of supporting the Ecocide law internationally. Gilbert Kuppusami from Mauritius/Finland and his band have made the arrangements for this version of it, and Teemu Takatalo from Mutual Sound Studios has mixed and mastered the final version. We all fully support the internaional criminal law amendment with and through our art, since we can see and feel the ecocide happening in different parts of the world. It is the next generations and our children who will benefit the most when things are turned and transformed effectively now to protect the ecosystems and climate.

Raila Mar, songwriter, vocals, recording, video & editing

Gilbert K Kuppusami, arrangement, drums

Tuukka Ojala, keyboard

Tommi Laine, guitar

Pasi Riikonen, bass, recording engineering

Tuija Kuoppamäki, back vocals

Teemu Takatalo, mixing, mastering


This song was originally made in Copenhagen, Denmark with inspiration of an Danish artist Hans Scherfig’s gravestone, which he designed to be like a turtle and where children can play nowadays. Later on, the song got more verses after I had traveled in Peru, where the indigenous peoples’ elders facilitate and teach reconnecting deeply to our souls and to the natural world around. These both angles have led me to see how to embrace the cycles and how to act from the heart, respecting the healthy boundaries, which Law of Ecocide also is offering in the highest level for protecting the living earth. The instrumental sections are composed and finalized by Teemu Takatalo and the cello solo by Ulla Lampela. The painting “Transformations” is an artwork developed over a period of long time and now completed to support this collective movement of Stop Ecocide International.

Raila Mar, vocals, lyrics, composing, recording, cover art

Teemu Takatalo, instruments, arrangement, recording, mixing

Ulla Lampela, cello Recorded at Mutual Sound Studio

Risto Ylihärsilä, mastering

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Dear Artist,

Your work is medicine for the world in these times and can mediate people to see and understand more than intellectual level of the current issues only.

Based on this, if you would consider participating with your artwork use hashtag #artistsforecocidelaw in your social media channel or send to us a photo and a short text to endorse our work. Stop Ecocide International is a campaign to change the international criminal law, to make it protect the ecosystems and environments for the generations to come, both human and non-human. We launched the artists’ contributions in spring 2022 in 

If you would like to consider this and need more information, please be in touch. I am conducting Doctoral research on this theme in Lapland University (departments of Art and Law), in the thematic program Arctic in a Changing World.

Sincere and best wishes on behalf of Artists for Ecocide Law,

Raila Mar