Podcast series The Wisdom of Old

The Wisdom of Old

In this podcast series of I will speak with various specialists about the deep wisdom of nature, archetypes and more. The Old here might mean trees, ancient traditions or the older generations who can advice us now. It can also mean old souls who are wise, no matter their physical age. In the conversations we aim for creative questions and answers to enhance the positive change through healthy boundaries and look into the practical ways to do that collectively, locally and globally. An example of that could be the Law of Ecocide that is a law amendment, proposed to be added as an international crime to the Rome Statute (a document of the ICC). The focus is in the podcast series of 12 episodes is how the Wisdom of Old in various forms inform the currents we are facing in terms of ecology and life in transforming environments around the world. This will be launched during the autumn 2022!

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